Prescott Museum

Prescott MuseumWith few exceptions, the Prescott Museum contains artifacts only from that town.

The Methodist Episcopal church was built in 1837 in North Prescott. Because it was 20 feet inside the boundary established by the MDC (now DCR), it was slated to be demolished. The people of Prescott were rallied by Lillie Coolidge, author of Prescott History, and made haste to purchase the building. Facing near impossible demands to move it quickly, they purchased property on South Main Street in nearby Orange, Massachusetts.

In 1985, fundraising began and plans were made to move the church and the collection it housed to the Swift River Valley Historical Society’s site in North New Salem. Electricity, heat, air conditioning, a restroom, kitchen, and reconstruction of the interior walls made the facility you see today.

The basement is used as office space and holds an extensive library of genealogy, records and maps. The upper level is available for programs, concerts, meetings and the occasional wedding.