This summer, from July 24th to July 28th, Swift River Valley Historical Society board member Emma Ayres is offering a young people’s program at Swift River Historical Society. The program will enlist youth from 8 to 15 in age to create and present a musical theater event based on Jane Yolen’s book, Letting Swift River Go. This program is targeted for any young people who have ever wanted to perform a play, who like theater or science, or who would enjoy a fun interactive learning environment.

The creation of the Quabbin Reservoir is an important water story of today. Through this program, participants will have the opportunity to explore the complex histories involved through an interactive social and scientific lens. The participants will:

  • interview survivors
  • study with scientists who help maintain the Quabbin
  • learn the basics of improvisation, musicianship and acting

They will use this information to build an original play documenting the demise of the Swift River Valley. The presentation of the play July 28 will be the culmination of the week!

This workshop provides a wonderful opportunity to expand literacy skills while diving into the beloved genre of musical theater as a vehicle for telling an original story. Every participant will leave the workshop with a solid foundation in songwriting. Theatrical performance nurtures a space for children to blossom into their individuality while cultivating meaningful collaboration with peers. The Water Program is a whirlwind week adventure that will leave participants with a meaningful, active, and fun ownership of their local history!

When: July 24th – July 28th
9 am – 1pm Monday – Friday
Where: The Swift River Valley Historical Society
Cost: $100 per participant
Ages: 8 – 15 (negotiable)

Please email program director Emma Ayres at: to register. Feel free to call 413-992-7936 with questions and inquiries.